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CRWA Governance Committee

Today, I attended a meeting for the Charles River Watershed Association Governance Committee.

Climate webinars and CRWA strategic planning

Today, I joined a call with the Charles River Watershed Association board to discuss strategic planning. Today, I also joined two webinars about buildings sector. First, was a Greater Boston Association of Realtors roundtable that covered a number of different new green loan options that are now available, and the increasing push toward marketing and [...]

Charles River Watershed Association Gala

Today, I attended a gala for the Charles River Watershed Association. This was my first virtual gala, indeed, a virtual gala is a first for most people I’m guessing. And it came off really well, if perhaps too short. (Though the appetite for being on Zoom over an hour is limited.) The highlight was the [...]

Climate Reality support and chapter chairs

Today, I helped out a Climate Reality leader as he prepares for next weekends 24 Hours of Reality. Today, I also joined the chapter chairs call for Climate Reality chapter chairs.

Poll worker training

Elections are run by community members, giving up their day to help keep the wheels of democracy spinning. It’s often retirees who work the polls. But this year, the pandemic has made it dangerous for older citizens to work on the frontline with the public. Today, I attended a training session for poll workers in [...]

MCAN board meeting

Today, I attended a board meeting for the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

Board meeting prep

I have two board meetings this week, for MCAN and the Charles River Watershed Association. Today, I did some prep work for those meetings, doing a lot of reading.

Climate Reality bootcamp prep

Today, I setup a few outreach emails for next weeks presentation bootcamp, to be run by the Climate Reality Project Boston Metro chapter.

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