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Responsible business’s The People’s Pitch

Today, I attended a pitch session for the participants in the most recent cohort of’s cooperative incubator program. Six really interesting companies and some opportunities for investors large and small.

Make-a-Wish Foundation

Today, I made a donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. It was actually a benefit for ordering a card through Emma’s Custom Card shop on Etsy.

Basil Tree Catering and Community Cooks

Basil Tree Catering is an amazing local company that has been“catering with a conscience” for 32 years. I led a discussion with the founder for Conscious Capitalism Boston almost exactly a year ago. And Community Cooks is an awesome nonprofit that arranges for volunteers to cook meals (at home) for distribution to domestic violence shelters [...]

Union Square Main Streets

Union Square Main Streets is an amazing advocate for the emerging Union Square neighborhood of Somerville. It’s a great community, one that needs support through the coronavirus crisis. Today, I made a donation to Union Square Main Streets, for its participation in Grassroots Relief for Main Streets.

Grassroots for Main Streets

It’s clear that the economic shutdown associated with coronavirus will hit small businesses hardest. Most have less than 30-days of cash reserve and the stay-at-home advisory will last longer than that. Some area organizations got together to quickly publish a regional impact study that represents the combined efforts of hundreds of small business organizations, advocacy [...]

Harvard’s coronavirus response

As the coronavirus forces a shutdown of the U.S. economy, many large corporations have vowed to keep paying workers, rather than laying them off. One exception so far is Harvard University, whose endowment was last valued around $40 billion. Last week, Harvard announced that it was laying off dining services workers. Today, I signed a [...]

Nonprofit Incorporation Seminar

Today, I attended a seminar on how to incorporate a non-profit organization. Not that I have an actual organization to non-profit to incorporate, but it was good to have the knowledge behind it of the legal, tax and administrative implications.

Long Now Boston on Conscious Capitalism

The Long Now Foundation likes to think about the long-term. I mean the very long-term, like 10,000 years. Today, I went to a Long Now Boston talk from Raj Sisodia, who started Conscious Capitalism with his book a decade ago. He spoke about the history and future of capitalism. I was also happy to connect [...]

Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a new organization that hopes to make it easier for small and mid-size businesses to measure, reduce and offset their emissions. And if more consumers recognize their certification, it makes the process more valuable for companies. Today, I made offset my own emissions for a year, via Climate Neutral’s Kickstarter campaign.

The Wally Shop

Today, I supported the Wally Shop on Kickstarter. The founders have started a retail business to deliver bulk goods — think grains and pastas and sauces — directly to consumers. And it uses all reusable and returnable packaging. There’s a carbon footprint associated with delivery, of course, but reduced packaging is worth looking at.

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