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Inauguration Day and the Hill We Climb

Today, I took the afternoon off from work and watched the Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States. It was the capstone that completed my journey to commit one civic act per day for four years. It’s something that I’ll never forget, just like Amanda Gorman at the ceremony today.

Michelle Wu for Mayor

Back in 2018, I saw Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu speak at a Green Energy Consumers Alliance event. It was a moving and dynamic speech. Last summer, she announced her plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery. Today, I made a donation to Michelle Wu’s campaign for Mayor.

City Councilor contribution

Today, I made a donation to a City Councilor’s re-election campaign for 2021. The election is along ways off, but that’s how the election cycle works around here.

How to join the Biden-Harris administration

Today, I joined a webinar on “How To Join The Biden-Harris Administration Or A Key Commission.” It was held by RespectAbility, a partner of Actually, I have no intention of seeking a federal government position but it was interesting to learn about the process.

Georgia 2021 Senate runoff

Today, I wrote letters to voters in Georgia, to remind Georgians who requested a mail ballot in the general election to request their absentee ballots for the Georgia Senate runoff election in January.

Vote Forward

Today, I signed up with, and got approved by, Vote Forward. I’ll be working on getting out the vote in Georgia for the upcoming runoffs for the Senatorial election.

Movement Voter Project – Georgia Fund

There will be two monumentally important Senate race runoff elections on January 5. Today, I made a donation to the Movement Voter Project’s Georgia Fund. This fund supports local organizing efforts, with local partners getting ready to keep registering voters and get out the vote.

Election results!

The election on Tuesday has taken a long time to get right, but the media has to come to consensus that the results are clear. Today, I took time to bask in an election that was four years in the making, celebrating a little (but just a little, to keep social distancing). There are still [...]

Defend the Election Fund

The presidential election results are still not conclusive, which isn’t a surprise to anyone. Still, even when the results are known, there’s a good likelihood that there will be legal challenges. Today, I made a donation the Movement Voter Project’s Defend the Election Fund, which is a rapid response fund that will support local groups [...]

How to Beat an Election-Related Coup

We have an election next week and signs point toward…chaos. With record levels of mail-in voting, it’s possible or even likely that we won’t know the results of the election next Tuesday. And the president has hinted that we might not go quietly should the election go against him. Today, I attended a webinar called, [...]

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