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How to Beat an Election-Related Coup

We have an election next week and signs point toward…chaos. With record levels of mail-in voting, it’s possible or even likely that we won’t know the results of the election next Tuesday. And the president has hinted that we might not go quietly should the election go against him. Today, I attended a webinar called, [...]

We the People meeting

Today, I joined a call with my State Representative elect to introduce her to the We the People Massachusetts effort to push for a constitutional amendment for democracy reform. We didn’t really have to convince her, as she’s a staunch advocate of democracy reform. But it was valuable to get her up to date on [...]

Movement Voter Project

I’ve supported the Movement Voter Project in the past, because it has such a powerful theory of change: Fund local organizing not only to get out the vote among marginalized populations in battleground states, but also build the power of local organizers to gain influence in their communities and states. Today, I made another donation [...]

The Wide Awakes

The Wide Awakes is a network of artists and cultural workers driven to activism on urgent social and political issues. Like, you know, the election. They’re “organizing communities, sharing knowledge, building art, agitating for change, and getting out the vote.” Today, I made a donation to the Wide Awakes on Kickstarter.

The Response

Today, I watched a screening of The Response, a short film about the success of mutual aid societies after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. After that, a panel pulled together by Climable talked about how distributed power grids are emerging, on a small scale, out of those same efforts. Today, I also joined a [...]

Setting up a meeting with our state rep

Today, I setup a meeting with (in a couple of weeks) my new state rep to talk about our We the People Massachusetts work. She’ll be an advocate, so it’s mostly just to introduce ourselves and thank her for support.

Codes and Policies to Advance Zero Goals and We the People

Today, I joined webinar hosted by the New Buildings Institute. They covered Codes and Policies to Advance Zero Goals: Policies for Retrofits and New Construction, with speakers from Vancouver, New York state, Denver and right here in Metro Boston. Today, I also joined a catch-up call with We the People Massachusetts to get caught up [...]

Races for state representative

Today, I made donations to two candidates for state representative, for two different districts in Somerville. (One of them is my district.)

Movement Voter Project

Today, I joined an info session and fundraiser for the Movement Voter Project. Movement Voter is looking at the presidential and senate races this November, but it focuses its theory of change on helping local organizations that are already operating within key districts and states. Great turnout for a Zoom call, with about 100 people [...]

Another candidate for state rep

Yesterday, I joined a meeting with one candidate for state rep to talk about the We the People Massachusetts theory of change for democracy reform. Today, I had an exchange by email with the second candidate for that seat, to further garner support for the bill.

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