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Natural Disaster

House fire

There was a fire yesterday, just a few blocks from my house. While firefighters were able to knock it down relatively quickly, the property itself is a total loss. I don’t know the residents. Today, I donated to a GoFundMe to support the residents, who lost pretty much everything. I don’t know them, but they’re [...]

Loíza Fe: Futuro de Energía para Villa Cañona

Villa Cañona is a community in Puerto Rico which was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and María. It’s still recovering. Today, I made a donation to a project called “Loíza FE: Futuro de Energia para Villa Cañona.” The project will provide solar panels, battery storage and water purification in Villa Cañona.

East Somerville fire

There was a bizarre fire in Somerville on October 28. A car parked in a driveway between two houses blew up spontaneously, spreading flames to neighboring buildings. Three students from the East Somerville Community School lost their homes. Today, I donated to a GoFundMe for the family of those children.

World Central Kitchen’s Plow to Plate in Puerto Rico

World Central Kitchen recently announced another $2 million commitment to run its “Plow to Plate” program in Puerto Rico, where I’m currently on vacation, through 2023. Plow to Plate supports smallholder farmers and businesses with grants, to increase food security and sustainability in Puerto Rico. It also runs an agro-tourism volunteer program to connect visitors with farmers and [...]

Puerto Rico recovery

Hurricane Maria was a year and a half ago. It was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane in 15 years. Much of Puerto Rico is still trying to recover. We’re on vacation this week and chose to come to Puerto Rico specifically to direct our tourist dollars where they’ll do some good, too. To be sure, this [...]

California Fire Foundation

This has been a record-setting year for wildfires in California. The Camp Fire in the Sierra foothills alone has killed 23 people and displaced thousands. Add in the fires currently burning in Southern California and the disruption to people’s lives in California’s population centers is immense. Today, I made a donation to the California Fire [...]


T-Mobile is supporting military veteran-led Team Rubicon’s hurricane recovery efforts. Florence and Michael were big ones this year. The mobile phone carrier is pledging $5,000 per home run hit in this baseball postseason, plus $1 per Twitter or Instagram post using #HR4HR. Today, I added to that total. In the end, over $5.1 million was raised. [...]

Clean cooking for the Lawrence, Mass. disaster

I wrote last week about the natural gas infrastructure explosions across the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Everyone is finally back in their homes, but most won’t have gas for another three months. Today, I made a donation to a Gofundme project that will buy and distribute induction cooktops to Lawrence residents. Induction cooktops are much [...]

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is battering the Carolinas and beyond right now. The rain continues and floodwaters are still rising so there’s more misery and tragedy to come. Today, I made a donation to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Florence relief. It was my first use of text donations, for what it’s worth, through T Mobile.

Lawrence Emergency Fund

Yesterday, there was a series of some 60 house fires and at least 3 explosions in the city of Lawrence, just 25 miles North of Somerville. This was due in some way to the gas infrastructure, though it’s still entirely clear what happened. Hundreds if not thousands of families have been evacuated as power was [...]

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