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Climate Reality Boston November meeting

Today, I helped to run the Climate Reality Project Boston chapter’s November meeting. We had quick media training, which was really helpful, and then turned to some strategic planning for 2020.

MCAN legislative briefing

Today, I dialed into another legislative briefing from the Massachusetts Climate Action Network. I heard from two state legislators, about one bill for carbon pricing and another to require the state to create a more comprehensive long-term implementation plan for state climate action, putting people at the center. And there was an additional discussion of [...]

Pricing Pollution working group

Today, I joined a conference call convened by the Climate Reality Project. Specifically, the call covered the organization’s Pricing Pollution working group, which is its campaign to put a price on carbon.

Environmental League of Massachusetts

Back in June, I attended the Environmental League of Massachusetts’s Earth Night. ELM been around since 1898. They’re a small organization with an influence far beyond their means. Today, I made a donation to ELM.

CNote savings account

Do you know how your bank is investing the dollars you’ve parked with them? Hint: It’s not all good. CNote has a different model. They invest your deposits with non-profit CDFIs, which lend to minority- and female-owned businesses in local communities. And CNote pays a higher return than a typical savings model, though to be sure, [...]

Somerville Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change

Today, I went to the December meeting of the Somerville Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change. A big agenda item was the debrief of the Somerville Climate Forward launch a few weeks ago. Here’s a video of the speakers, if you’re interested.

MIT Annual Fund

Today, I made my annual contribution to the MIT Annual Fund. My gift isn’t even a rounding error for the $16 billion endowment. But I’m appreciative of what MIT is doing in the world so it’s worth it.


A humanitarian aid social network? Yup. Today, I supported ConnectAID on Kickstarter. The idea is to connect people to concrete humanitarian and development actions on one platform, to support nonprofit development projects and respond to humanitarian crises.

Somerville pedestrian transit advocacy

Today, I joined an advocacy group for Somerville pedestrians and transit users. Bicycle riders have a strong advocacy base, but few people speak up for pedestrians. Hopefully, we’ll be able to give peds more of a voice in development activities.

Be a climate voter

There were some breathless news stories last year about how 2018 was going to be the year of the climate voter. With the mid-terms now about five weeks away, I’m not so sure. But it’s a litmus test issue for me. Today, I took a pledge for the YEARS Project that I will be a [...]

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