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Mystic River Watershed Association

I’ve been volunteering for the Mystic River Watershed Association for a few years now, counting herring coming up the fish ladder at the Mystics Lakes dam. Today, I made a donation to MyRWA. Its annual meeting was today, which I missed. The least I could do was make a donation.

Community Leadership Academy

Today, I purchased some holiday decorations to benefit the Community Leadership Academy, in Florida, where my niece goes to school. The funds will be used for new playground equipment.

Climate Xchange

Climate Xchange has a a few great programs, including the Climate Action Business Association and the State Climate Policy Network, which coordinates state efforts to set carbon pricing and other major climate legislation. Today, I supported Climate Xchange by buying a raffle ticket in its annual Carbon Raffle.

CRWA gala silent auction

The Charles River Watershed Association gala is tomorrow evening. Today, I took some time to go through their silent auction items, bidding on a few, to help support the organization.

Movement Voter Project

I’ve supported the Movement Voter Project in the past, because it has such a powerful theory of change: Fund local organizing not only to get out the vote among marginalized populations in battleground states, but also build the power of local organizers to gain influence in their communities and states. Today, I made another donation [...]

The Wide Awakes

The Wide Awakes is a network of artists and cultural workers driven to activism on urgent social and political issues. Like, you know, the election. They’re “organizing communities, sharing knowledge, building art, agitating for change, and getting out the vote.” Today, I made a donation to the Wide Awakes on Kickstarter.


Today, I made a donation to Climable, who hosted last night’s screening of The Response.

Somerville Cares Fund

I read an update this morning on the Somerville Cares Fund, the pandemic relief fund to help the most vulnerable in the city. I donated to the fund back in April. Spoiler alert: “In brief, ongoing need remains extremely high.” Today, I made another donation to the fund.

Climate Reality Boston support

Today, I made a donation to support the Climate Reality Project Boston Metro chapter. After all, I’m the co-chair of the chapter, so I ought to show my own support, right?

Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

I’m on vacation this week in Down East Maine. I had a great hike yesterday and another today in a nearby nature preserve, the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park; it’s a remarkable place. Today, I made a donation to the Friends of the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park through a donation box near one of [...]

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