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Climate change and environment

Mystic River Watershed Association

I’ve been volunteering for the Mystic River Watershed Association for a few years now, counting herring coming up the fish ladder at the Mystics Lakes dam. Today, I made a donation to MyRWA. Its annual meeting was today, which I missed. The least I could do was make a donation.

CRWA Governance Committee

Today, I attended a meeting for the Charles River Watershed Association Governance Committee.

Climate Coalition of Somerville connections

Today, I caught up on a number of Climate Coalition of Somerville tasks, including reaching out to several folks who would like to get involved and thinking through how they might get involved. I also caught up on some Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change work.

Quick catch-ups on climate

Today, I had two quick conversations on climate initiatives. First, with an Oxfam America contact on our Least Developed Countries Fund, and second, with a Sustainable Arlington contact on a research initiative that she’s working on.

Climate webinars and CRWA strategic planning

Today, I joined a call with the Charles River Watershed Association board to discuss strategic planning. Today, I also joined two webinars about buildings sector. First, was a Greater Boston Association of Realtors roundtable that covered a number of different new green loan options that are now available, and the increasing push toward marketing and [...]

Better Buildings call

Today, I joined an MCAN call as part of its Better Buildings program. The City of Boston presented on how its further extending its Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure program to push more building owners to retrofit their buildings.

Shovel Ready Steering Committee

Today, I joined a call with the Shovel Ready Steering Committee, as part of the Somerville Climate-Labor summit. Hoping to keep this initiative moving and come up with some parameters for shovel-ready projects to bring to the city.

Green economic stimulus, blue jobs

Today, I joined a webinar called Greening Economic Stimulus, held the Harvard Project on Climate Negotiations. Professor Joseph Aldy presented on the sustainability elements of the stimulus following the 2009 recession, and lessons learned for the Covid-19 crisis. Today, I also joined a webinar held by the Charles River Watershed Association on Green Jobs in [...]

Green flip

Last year, I went to an “open walls” open house that a developer held, in partnership with a real estate agent, a green mortgage financer and a building energy rater. It was interesting to see how the developer was going about the “green flip,” as he called it. Today, I went to a real open [...]

Climate Xchange

Climate Xchange has a a few great programs, including the Climate Action Business Association and the State Climate Policy Network, which coordinates state efforts to set carbon pricing and other major climate legislation. Today, I supported Climate Xchange by buying a raffle ticket in its annual Carbon Raffle.

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