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Climate change and environment

Mystic River Watershed Association

Today, I made a donation to the Mystic River Watershed Association. It’s the lead organization for some regional climate adaptation programs that cover parts of Somerville. And, of course, it hosts the herring monitor citizen science volunteering program.

Climate Reality Boston leadership call

Today, I joined our monthly Climate Reality Boston leadership call. We set some plans to have a reception for incoming Climate Reality trainees, before the online training in two weeks.

ELM Action Fund

Today, I made a donation to the ELM Action Fund, a PAC aligned with the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

MCAN development discussion

Today, I joined a call with an MCAN volunteer and a couple of board members to discuss development processes. We’ll need to get going fairly quickly on this.

Offshore Wind Federal Advocacy Webinar

Today, I attended a webinar hosted by the National Wildlife Federation on how I can get involved advocating for offshore wind in Massachusetts. Pretty much the only way we’re going to green our grid is through offshore wind, but development is stuck under federal review.

More fish monitoring

Today, I made a concerted effort to watch as many videos as I could, as part of the Mystic River Watershed Association’s herring monitor program. I moved myself all the way to 14th place among herring monitors, although I doubt I’ll be able to maintain that position.

Zoning hearing and fish monitoring

Today, I listened to a zoning hearing for the Clarendon Hill affordable housing redevelopment. The hearing was actually a week ago, but I hadn’t been able to catch up until now. It’s an important development and I’ll need to advocate for the developer to bring the building up to the city’s new LEED Platinum requirement. [...]

Commission planning and Welcome Project

Today, I touched base with the City’s Director of Sustainability so we could plan our next Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change meeting. Today, I also spoke with a board member from the Welcome Project. I recently donated so she reached out to get to know me and talk about community engagement.

Building Electrification Accelerator: Kickoff Workshop and Climate Reality training.

Today, I joined a kickoff workshop for the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Electrification Accelerator. I’m on a team of six City of Somerville representatives. I couldn’t stay for the whole meeting but was able to download the presentation afterward. Today, I also completed my application to be a mentor at the upcoming Climate Reality Project [...]

Climate Reality fundraising and Covid’s Lessons on Climate

Today, I met with Climate Reality Project national to get trained on our new fundraising procedures for our chapter. Today, I also attended a Mass Peace Action webinar on “Covid’s Lessons on Climate: Listen to Science and fight Racism.”

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