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Somerville Museum

Today, I renewed my membership to the Somerville Museum. It’s a small but important community resource that stays particularly connected to the community through its community curator program.

Brattle Film Foundation

Today, I made an important donation to the Brattle Film Foundation. The Brattle Theatre, like all movie theaters, has been hit particularly hard in the Covid-19 crisis with movie-going essentially going down to zero. Looking at Box Office Mojo data for April through September, box office receipts nationally fell 98%. That’s not a misprint — [...]

The Wide Awakes

The Wide Awakes is a network of artists and cultural workers driven to activism on urgent social and political issues. Like, you know, the election. They’re “organizing communities, sharing knowledge, building art, agitating for change, and getting out the vote.” Today, I made a donation to the Wide Awakes on Kickstarter.

The Response

Today, I watched a screening of The Response, a short film about the success of mutual aid societies after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. After that, a panel pulled together by Climable talked about how distributed power grids are emerging, on a small scale, out of those same efforts. Today, I also joined a [...]

Pacific Islander media

Today, I made a Kiva loan to an entrepreneur starting what may be the only ethnic media outlets for Pacific Islanders in the US. They intend to represent the Pacific Islander community through contemporary and islanesian indigenous music, and content from DJs and social influencers.

Area Code

Today, I made a donation to Area Code, an art fair featuring contemporary artists with ties to New England — during a pandemic. Looking forward to celebrating the creative community despite these times.

Save Your Cinema

Today, I took action to help save the country’s movie theaters. I wrote to my Congressional representatives to ask them to ensure that theaters like the Brattle Theatre get federal support to get them through the coronavirus lockdown.

Reading Frederick Douglass together

Today, I joined a Zoom call hosted by the Somerville Museum and the Somerville Media Center, during which the edited community reading of “Reading Frederick Douglass together” was broadcast. I recorded a segment, so it was good to see the whole piece come together. It was followed by an amazing talk by Keidrick Roy, a [...]

Movement for Black Lives and Reading Frederick Douglass

Today, I joined a national mobilization call for the Movement for Black Lives. This call was geared specifically toward rallying environment justice advocates for upcoming Juneteenth actions. Today, I also recorded a passage of Frederick Douglass’s “What to the Slave is 4th of July?” speech for a Somerville Museum/Somerville Media Center project called Reading Frederick [...]

Local journalism

Today, I subscribed to the Somerville Journal, a local paper that’s been revived by its one reporter over the past couple of years. Today, I also donated to the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. Because local journalism is important.

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