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Building Electrification Accelerator

Today, I took part in the final session for the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Electrification Accelerator program. Great program with lots of peer sharing with advocates from other municipalities.

Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets

I have to admit that I spend a lot of time on Zoom these days, and it’s harder to continue that pace of videoconferencing. So I didn’t join a call of Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets (SASS) last night. But, today, I did catch up on SASS’s statement of purpose today and plugged into the [...]

Climate Nexus Media Training

Today, I joined a media training held by the Climate Nexus, as part of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Electrification Accelerator program.

Climate Coalition of Somerville

Today, I joined the monthly meeting for the Climate Coalition of Somerville. It was our first meeting of the year and we took the time to reflect on our mission. Plus, we were joined by CAAS, who briefed us on the Lower Mystic Municipal Resilience Survey.

Protest Against Evictions

Today, I joined a Somerville Protest Against Evictions & Foreclosures, organized by CAAS and others. The Climate Coalition of Somerville cosponsored the event.

MCAN buildings advocates call

Today, I joined a call organized by MCAN that brought together advocates from around the state who have been working on our better buildings campaigns. Still working on a specific campaign for the coming year, but it’s clear there’s a lot to do.

Climate Reality Project Boston Metro chapter

Today, I led a call for the Climate Reality Project’s Boston Metro chapter. It was a good call, oriented toward getting more people involved as volunteers.

Next-generation roadmap for Massachusetts climate policy

After months of dithering, the Massachusetts senate and house Conference Committee finally put out a reconciled climate bill, called “An Act Creating a Next-generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.” It’s the most sweeping climate legislation the state has come up with since 2008. But it’s now sitting on the Governor’s desk. Today, I wrote the [...]

Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets

Today, I joined my second meeting of the Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets. We’re moving quickly toward a summit at the end of February.

Shovel Ready projects for the CEUCC

Today, I put some time into some Somerville Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change projects, notably developing a working document on shovel ready projects for the Mayor. I also spent some time catching up on Labor-Climate summit and Climate Coalition of Somerville projects.

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