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Protest Against Evictions

Today, I joined a Somerville Protest Against Evictions & Foreclosures, organized by CAAS and others. The Climate Coalition of Somerville cosponsored the event.

Michelle Wu for Mayor

Back in 2018, I saw Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu speak at a Green Energy Consumers Alliance event. It was a moving and dynamic speech. Last summer, she announced her plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery. Today, I made a donation to Michelle Wu’s campaign for Mayor.

MCAN buildings advocates call

Today, I joined a call organized by MCAN that brought together advocates from around the state who have been working on our better buildings campaigns. Still working on a specific campaign for the coming year, but it’s clear there’s a lot to do.

Community meetings on cannabis dispensaries

Today, I joined back to back community meetings held for two applicants hoping to open recreational cannabis dispensaries. They’re both within a hundred yards or so of my house, so it was important to hear what they had to say. After the two hearings, nothing particularly problematic emerged.

DEI interview

Today, I was interviewed by a DEI consultant, for one of the boards that I serve on. It was important to share my sense for where the organization is on its diversity, equity and inclusion journey, and it gave me a lot of confidence in the work the consultant is doing.

Climate Reality Project Boston Metro chapter

Today, I led a call for the Climate Reality Project’s Boston Metro chapter. It was a good call, oriented toward getting more people involved as volunteers.

Next-generation roadmap for Massachusetts climate policy

After months of dithering, the Massachusetts senate and house Conference Committee finally put out a reconciled climate bill, called “An Act Creating a Next-generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.” It’s the most sweeping climate legislation the state has come up with since 2008. But it’s now sitting on the Governor’s desk. Today, I wrote the [...]

Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets

Today, I joined my second meeting of the Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets. We’re moving quickly toward a summit at the end of February.

Rwandan grocery

Today, I made a Kiva loan to a grocer in Gisagara, Rwanda. The business is located near a refugee camp, most customers are refugees and he has hired six refugee employees.

Shovel Ready projects for the CEUCC

Today, I put some time into some Somerville Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change projects, notably developing a working document on shovel ready projects for the Mayor. I also spent some time catching up on Labor-Climate summit and Climate Coalition of Somerville projects.

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