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Rethinking Thansgiving

On this Thanksgiving, it’s powerful to consider how the history I learned in grade school has erased the taking of land from North America’s Indigenous people. Today, I did quite a bit of reading on the movement to acknowledge that oppression. And I signed this petition to support closing Mount Rushmore and return public lands [...]

Georgia 2021 Senate runoff

Today, I wrote letters to voters in Georgia, to remind Georgians who requested a mail ballot in the general election to request their absentee ballots for the Georgia Senate runoff election in January.

MCAN development committee

Today, I joined the Massachusetts Climate Action Network development committee to talk about some major gift opportunities.


Reverb is a really interesting organization that partners with musicians, festivals and venues to “green” their concerts, while engaging fans at shows to take action. Today, I made a donation to Reverb. It didn’t hurt that I entered a lottery for an electric VW bus at the same time.

Shovel ready working group

Today, I facilitated a working session for Somerville Labor-Climate Summit’s shovel ready working group. We had only a small group join, but a very productive conversation nonetheless.

Meeting prep

Tomorrow, I’ll be facilitating a working session for the Labor-Climate Summit. Today, I setup a jamboard and some instructions for those will be joining tomorrow.

Climate and housing

It was a busy day. Today, I joined our monthly planning call for the Least Developed Countries Fund bill. Today, I also joined our working session for the Rocky Mountain Institute building electrification accelerator program. Today, in the evening, I joined a public hearing to discuss Soemrville’s Affordable Housing Overlay proposal for its zoning.

Shovel Ready conversation track 2

Today, I joined a steering committee meeting for the Somerville Labor-Climate Summit’s shovel ready working group. We’re planning for our group meeting this coming Saturday.

Shovel Ready track 1

Today, I joined the monthly meeting for Somerville’s Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change. I presented the work from my subcommittee on shovel ready projects.

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