We the People amendment

There’s been some progress on the state-level We The People amendment. It’s an important state legislative call for a constitutional convention to redress three specific wrongs: (1) corporations are created by people but are not people, and should not be allowed to use the people’s Constitutional rights against us, (2) political spending amplifies speech but is not speech, and should be regulated to ensure political equality, and (3) Massachusetts should apply for a limited-scope amendment-proposing convention, to pressure Congress to propose its own constitutional amendment.

Today I wrote my State Rep. and State Senator to congratulate them for the bill’s passage from the Joint Committee on Veteran’s Affairs and to ask them to push for the bill to get a vote before the House and Senate.

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How you can raise your civic engagement one civic act at a time

Don’t feel helpless or that you don’t have enough time. Civic engagement starts with a single act. I’m here to help you focus on what you believe in, commit to a plan of action and take that first act.

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