Buy Nothing recruitment

In moderating Buy Nothing Somerville, we adhere to a rule that members must live within the borders of Somerville in order to participate. For those who live in neighboring towns, I simply direct them to their town’s Buy Nothing group. Except for Medford, which does not have a Buy Nothing group; I encourage those residents to start a new group, though no one has taken us up on that. Until now.

Today, I sat down for coffee with a potential Buy Nothing moderator from Medford. I talked through all the tools that the Buy Nothing project puts together for its moderators and what moderation actually entails. Our group in Somerville is large, but well behaved, so it’s usually not a heavy lift. I have high hopes that she’ll go ahead and launch.

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How you can raise your civic engagement one civic act at a time

Don’t feel helpless or that you don’t have enough time. Civic engagement starts with a single act. I’m here to help you focus on what you believe in, commit to a plan of action and take that first act.

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