Literacy Bridge

In areas of the world with low levels of literacy, capturing tacit knowledge becomes more challenging. Case in point is the wealth of health and agriculture information in the rural sub-Saharan Africa populace. Knowledge of farming practices is spread principally by speech, which limits its spread.

A friend of mine started Literacy Bridge to address this deficit. At the heart of the programs is the Talking Book – an innovative low-cost audio computer designed for the learning needs of illiterate populations living in the poorest areas in the world. Literacy Bridge partners with local experts to produce, record and distribute relevant information in native languages and dialects. The Talking Books are then easily shared, allowing information to spread more quickly and broadly. It works; read about their impact here.  Today, I made a donation to Literacy Bridge.

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How you can raise your civic engagement one civic act at a time

Don’t feel helpless or that you don’t have enough time. Civic engagement starts with a single act. I’m here to help you focus on what you believe in, commit to a plan of action and take that first act.

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