A movement?

The purpose of this blog is to change my personal civic engagement. And it has. While I considered myself relatively engaged in the past, since I started this project, I have found myself learning about subjects and attending events that I never would have considered before. I’ve also found civic acts in places and at times when I wouldn’t normally have looked. It’s actually not that hard because there are inspired initiatives everywhere, if you’re attuned to them. And this project has tuned me into what a lot of other people are already doing.

The encouragement of peers has helped to keep me motivated. Is it time to try to motivate others? Today, I attended an event called Curiouser and Curiouser, designed to bring out new ideas and innovations among a group of smart folks curated by my friend, Zach. I was a stranger to all but Zach, who brought together a really interesting and, yes, curious group. We each had five minutes to share an idea.

The idea I presented was this project, One Civic Act. And after my presentation one question came out that stayed with me: Are you going to turn this into a movement? “I don’t know. Should it?” was my answer in the form of a question, mostly because this project was really just designed to change me. But others in the room pushed me gently in this direction and they had fascinating ideas to get it going.

So my act today concludes by putting it to you, kind reader: Should I turn this into a movement?

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  • Michael Rheaume April 11, 2017, 12:36 am

    Every post I read I feel compelled to do something more (so now I have a backlog of civic guilt…). If a movement can help me it could help others, so +1 for movement!

  • One Civic Act April 11, 2017, 10:35 am

    So moved. All in favor?

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