The 2018 election, part 1

Do you believe citizens should have to choose between buying an iPhone and buying health care? When Senators say things like that, it really pisses people off. Including me. And Utah’s Jason Chaffetz really stepped in it this time. It seems that one statement was enough to spur a physician, Kathryn Allen, to finally file her election papers to run against Chaffetz. And she’s raised nearly a half million dollars in the process.

Today, I donated to Kathryn Allen’s campaign, through CrowdPac. Allen isn’t a partisan hack, she’s a free-thinker, one who just happens to believe that, you know, people should be able to get healthcare and a smartphone. I’m confident that she’s not just going to follow a national platform and that she’ll speak for her constituents, from a sane, reasoned and inclusive perspective. Is that too much to ask from all politicians.

The interesting thing is that Evan McMullin is also mulling over a run for Chaffetz’s seat, as an independent. McMullin famously got 21% of the Utah vote in the presidential election, again, as an independent. That could make for an interesting three-way race, should both Allen and McMullin both make it to the ballots.

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