Post-partisan political debate

[Edit: This was written on March 10, but somehow got left in draft. Sorry about that.]

It was a super busy day today, and it’s pretty late for me to finally pay attention to my civic act. But I will not give up; there is so much to do.

Today, I gave to to a Kickstarter project called Ctrl-Alt-Del. No, it’s not tech related at all, for those who remember the reference to the old PC-reboot keyboard command. Rather, it’s an effort to reboot political conversations, through a new publishing platform. Here’s what they say:

We are creating Ctrl-Alt-Debate to reboot political dialogue in America. Ctrl-Alt-Debate will be the place to quickly find primary sources and facts about important statements, issues, and events, as well as side-by-side interpretations from both a liberal and conservative perspective.

We believe that honest, fact-based dialogue is critical to ensuring the best policy decisions are made for Americans. However, we think there is a better way to facilitate that dialogue than what is currently available through social media, cable news punditry, or radio talk shows.

Sounds like a good idea, if they can get quality contributors- not from both sides of the aisle, but rather who can exercise smart thinking divorced of party politics. By the way, this is my second Kickstarter contribution in a row. Bear in mind that Kickstarter itself is a benefit corporation, which makes it a platform worth supporting.

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